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No matter what solutions you require, BBS Trust International Limited is committed to deliver exceptional wealth management experience. We provide wealth management solutions focussed in growing, managing and protecting your wealth.

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Our broad spectrum of professional services as a Labuan Trust Company include providing incorporation, creation, registration, share registration, administration, property management, legal representative, custodian, trustee, administration, management and accounting, registered office, directors and secretaries as well as other advisory services to Labuan entities.

Our experienced professional team is ready to assist you in setting up Labuan entities including Labuan Foundation, Labuan Offshore Company, Labuan Mutual Funds, and Labuan Trust.

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Labuan Foundation

Whether you are looking to establish a charitable foundation in your organization or family’s name, or you need a succession planning vehicle for private or you need a succession planning vehicle for private or family purposes, BBS Trust International Limited can deliver a flexible and creative solution to meet your needs.

A Labuan Foundation is usually established by the Founder to hold assets with the objective of managing these assets for the benefit of a class of persons on a contractual basis. It is deemed a separate legal entity from its managers (i.e. its officers and council) and is typically used for private wealth management or charitable purposes.

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Labuan Offshore Company

All aspects of incorporation, registration and administration of Labuan and foreign Labuan companies in Labuan is governed by the Labuan Companies Act 1990 (LCA).

A Labuan company is formed either through incorporation under the LCA or registration under the LCA of a foreign company incorporated outside Malaysia as a foreign Labuan company.

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Labuan Funds

The fund and asset management sector is legislated primarily under the new Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 which allows for the structuring of mutual funds as companies, partnerships or unit trusts, a protected cell company, or a foundation/

The LFSSA makes provision for two types of funds: private and public.

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Labuan Trust

A trust is a relationship whereby property is managed by one person for the benefit of the beneficiary. In this situation, the trust is set up by the settlor who is the person who entrusts the said property to a trustee and the terms of the trust is set out in a trust deed, which entails the parameters of the trust.

A Labuan Trust is considered an investment holding vehicle and by definition conducts only investment holding activities and all Labuan Trusts that are non-trading companies including investment holding companies, will not be subjected to tax.

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Other Labuan Corporate Services

We also offer other Labuan Corporate Services such as:-

Labuan Fund Management Companies, Labuan Protected Cell Companies, Labuan International Commodity Trading Company, Labuan Banks, Labuan Islamic Banks, Labuan Investment Banks, Labuan Islamic Investment Banks, Labuan Insurance and Reinsurance, Labuan Captive Insurance…

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Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We can customize our solutions to suite your needs so as to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

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