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Key benefits of a Private Trust Company:

  • Confidentiality of all matters relating to the trust instrument and family assets

  • Lower set up and operating costs compared to public trustees, who often charge fees based on the total asset value of the trust

  • Family members can be directors in the company and therefore may make decisions relating to its management and thus providing control of its assets

  • If a business is placed in a trust, the directors of the business can make up the Board of Directors of the Private Trust Company ensuring the direction of the business is managed effectively. Hence, should a change of business direction be required, the corresponding Board of Directors of the Private Trust Company can be changed allowing for flexibility in structuring.

  • The latter is useful in circumstances of dynastic succession where members of succeeding generations may be required to be involved in management of family affairs.

  • Labuan Private Trust Company may appoint an external auditor and conduct an annual audit. Nevertheless, it must ensure that all its accounting and other records are properly kept and managed.

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