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We are a pre-eminent global corporate expansion and business re-domiciling consultancy with exceptional cross-border expertise in East Asia as well as within ASEAN. Drawing from the rich experience of our founder, we have established an elaborate international network of partners, advisors, and consultants to create a seamless, bespoke experience for our clients.

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We understand the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs who are operating in a highly competitive and ever-changing environment. With more than 25 years of combined experience, we provide comprehensive business structure advisory and related services to assist entrepreneurs in navigating through challenges.

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Labuan Company

A Labuan company is a company incorporated or registered under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 (LCA 1990). Residents and non-residents of Malaysia are allowed to establish Labuan companies.

International Business

We fuel, support, and drive your growth through strategies that are crafted to meet any potential regulatory challenges in taxation and other areas. This is achieved through our in-depth experience in designing corporate structures that are resilient and compliant.

Money Broking License

Money broking business is defined as the business of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers in money or foreign exchange markets with brokers acting as an intermediary in consideration of brokerage fees paid or to be paid, but does not include the buying or selling of foreign currencies by the broker as a principal in such markets.

Securities Licensee

Labuan securities licensee refers to a person who provides investment advice or administrative services in respect of securities for the purpose of investment and dealing in securities. For a Labuan Islamic securities licensee, its operation shall comply with Shariah principles. 

Fund Management License

A fund management company or fund manager is a person who, for valuable consideration provides management services alone or with investment advice or administrative services in respect of securities for the purposes of investment, including dealing in securities, or such other activity as may be specified by Labuan FSA.

Labuan Banking

All Banking entities set up in Labuan IBFC are governed and regulated under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010, Part VI, specifically under the provisions stated in Sections 87 to 100.

Insurance Broker

Labuan Insurance Broker is a person who is licensed to arrange Labuan insurance business on behalf of prospective or existing policy owners and arrange Labuan reinsurance business on behalf of any insurer seeking reinsurance.

Leasing Business

Labuan leasing business mainly consists of firms which supply plant and machineries, ships, aircrafts or other large and specialised equipment to support the oil and gas as well as aviation industries.

Credit Token Business

A credit token business is defined as any business where a token, being a cheque, card, voucher, stamp, booklet, coupon, form or other document or thing is given or issued to a person (referred to as “customer”) by the person carrying on the business (referred to as “issuer”).

International Commodities

The Global Incentives for Trading (GIFT) program was launched in collaboration with the Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation, aims at positioning Malaysia as a regional trading and storage hub for oil and gas.

Management License

Company management business in Labuan IBFC provides treasury processing services and such other services, and to such persons as maybe permitted by Labuan FSA. 

Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization transforms ownership of assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. It often doesn’t involve securities, depending on the asset type. Its goal is to boost liquidity, allow fractional ownership, and streamline asset transfers.

Securities Token Offering

STOs are token sales where tokens represent ownership in securities like stocks or bonds. They’re mainly used for fundraising. Compliance is vital to protect investors.


A Labuan private trust company (PTC) is a Labuan company formed for the specific purpose of acting as a trustee for a group of connected persons and where each beneficiary of the trust established by the PTC is a connected person related to the settlor of the trust. 


A Foundation is an incorporated legal entity similar to a company which can be used to hold assets in its own name with the objective of managing these assets for the benefit of a class of person on a contractual basis.

Private Fund

A private fund is a type of mutual fund whose securities are not offered to the public and are owned or held by specific investors.

Public Fund

Public Funds are securities that are offered to any member of the public.

Work Permit

The application of Labuan work permits is to open for expatriates who work with a Labuan company.

Supporting both you and your business every step of the way.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer comprehensive business structure advisory and related services, ensuring that you and your business are supported every step of the way. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of corporate expansion and re-domiciling, helping you achieve your business goals with confidence and precision.